Experience You Can Trust

We understand that each client is unique. Recruiting nannies safely and discreetly is not an easy task. Trust us to put our international human resources, education and childcare experiences to use, ensuring the best possible results for your family.

Our experts recruit and place highly experienced nannies on behalf of our exclusive clients. We offer our nanny and childcare services to embassies, diplomats and their families, governmental organizations, and international private professionals and their families; as well as events to suit both temporary and permanent positions.

Negotiations and transactions can be conducted in multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Afrikaans and Russian.


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How We Work

We utilize our unique and customized approaches in our matching process to recruit the best Nanny for your family.

Once you send us your request, we will set up a time to call and listen to your childcare needs, aims and ideas that you have. A personal touch is our promise — we will ensure that we search and hire for the specific nanny that we believe will be an extension of your family, complimenting your lifestyle.

Home Visit (optional): this is a service that we provide our employers if they wish. We offer this service to meet employers and their children within the home environment to place the perfect match. We take the dynamics and unique needs of each employer into consideration as key factors in our placement decisions.

We place the ads, conduct the searches and high level of vetting and screening of the candidates, seek out qualified nannies with years of experience, skills, with the utmost integrity.

We conduct only in-person interviews. Skype and phone interviews are not acceptable to us! Full background and reference checks are conducted to find the most suitable candidates for each employer. We make the final selection so that you can focus on your family, and not on endless searches.

Nanny Orientation. A 1-5 day trial with the chosen nanny will occur where you will be able to map out your expectations and job duties. The trial is an opportunity for both the nanny and employer to decide if the relationship is a successful fit. After a successful pairing, employers and their matching nanny will reach out to finalize the placement.

Congrats! You are now a household employer! We  will walk you through the hiring process and inform you on your responsibilities. We offer ongoing support and answer any and all questions you have.

Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that our clients receive a high quality, personalized and discreet service to result in highly successful placements and satisfaction every time.