There are countless options when it comes to childcare. While some families prefer the functionality of taking their children to a daycare center, others enjoy the flexibility that comes with having a nanny come to their home. You may find yourself looking for something in between that will allow your child to interact with other little ones around the same age, but you’d still prefer your child to be in a home setting. If that sounds like the perfect fit for your family, choosing a nanny share might be the perfect option for you!

The Benefits of Nanny Sharing

  • Increase socialization – Sharing a nanny with another family gives your child the opportunity to socialize on a daily basis and practice important skills such as sharing and adaptability.
  • Maintain the in-home setting – A shared nanny will split their time between the two families’ homes. You and the family you nanny share with can come up with a preferred alternating schedule.
  • One-on-one care – Shared nannies are still able to provide more specialized one-on-one care than a daycare. You can choose a family to nanny share with who only has one or two children if you prefer a more intimate setting.

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