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We have different placement packages to cater to the varying needs and preferences of our families. Please choose the placement package that best suits your family. For registration, please click here.

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Adventure Package

This package revolves around qualified nannies who are trained and experienced in child development. They are responsible for meeting a child’s social, emotional and educational needs. Our nannies will arrive with stimulating, age appropriate lessons and activities to engage the children daily. They are also responsible for the physical needs of a child that include dressing, feeding, bathing, light household duties, children’s laundry, preparation of nutritional meals, and maintenance of the children’s room. There is also a focus on etiquette, manners, discipline and culture within the home. Outdoor excursions are part of this package as well. Get set, adventure!

Imagination Package

This package revolves around our educators with diverse range of educational backgrounds. They are experienced classroom teachers, homeschool teachers and tutors. All of our educators are familiar with a variety of progressive educational styles, including Waldorf and Montessori. Collaborate with an educator to design and implement a customized curriculum, begin a set curriculum, or explore another alternative to traditional education within the comfort of your home. They concentrate on the intellectual and social development of the children in order to create an enjoyable and stimulating homeschool environment for children to gain confidence in their own abilities through hands-on and engaging lessons. Lessons are conducted in-door and outdoor. There is also a focus on etiquette, manners, discipline and culture within the home. Creativity and spark are in the works!

Passport Package

This package revolves around families who require a traveling nanny to care for children while the family is travelling and/or on summer holidays. This generally requires them to engage, supervise and instruct the children. From simply supervising children, to designing and implementing educative activities, personalized leisure plans and investigating local resources, the role of a travelling nanny be broad, challenging and hugely rewarding. By taking away the stresses of organization and childcare (includes cleaning, tidying, and cooking), traveling nannies allow you to focus on your own relaxation so that you may enjoy the precious time with your children to the fullest!

Event Package

This package includes on-site group childcare for your events. We provide event nannies to conduct activities and entertainment for children during an occasion. Event nannies are an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands. All activities take place in the same room/area as the festivities. From arts and crafts tables to treasure hunts, your most important guests will never be bored! Our event nannies can ease the stress of any event. Do not worry about your guests having to leave the party to put their children to bed as the festivities stretch into the night!

Temporary Nannies Package

Temporary nannies are requested for date nights, occasional events or when parents have work commitments, especially after hours and on weekends. Whatever the circumstance may be, our pre-screened professional nannies are available to babysit and provide services to cover all your childcare needs.

Bilingual Nannies

Our Bilingual nannies speak two (or more) languages fluently and will use these skills to help your children learn or maintain a language. They can speak with children in both English and their native languages, or just one, as required. These nannies are especially sought after by families who speak multiple languages and would like this to maintained with their Nanny’s help. A family may also be interested in introducing a language to their children at a young age. Our bilingual nannies also have childcare experience behind them, with some having a special interest in teaching languages. Bilingual nannies can accommodate families in any of our packages.

britleys toddlers

Early Childhood Package

This package is ideal for educational programs such as early childhood, child-care centers, or Montessori programs in public, private, parochial, county- funded, state-funded or federally funded settings with a need for directors, teachers, assistant teachers, after-school program teachers and teacher’s aides. Fully aware of all state licensing requirements, our staff undergo rigorous screening and evaluation before being hired. While the details vary from state to state, our teachers always meet or exceed state licensing requirements and carry the documentation to prove it with them on every assignment.

britleys toddlers

The Nest Package

This program’s objective is to assist toddlers, from ages 1 to 3, as they fulfill the basic human tasks of trust, separation, independence and self-control. The program will cultivate the children’s natural desire to learn. We encourage them to experience choice and decision making, which empowers them with intrinsic motivation, self-discipline, strengthening their ability to think and act for themselves. The children will engage in hands-on exercises as a part of part of our core program. This include: practical life activities, beginning literacy, math concepts, yoga, music & amp movement, and physical education.

A la carte Service

If required, this program offers our ability to explore custom options with confidentiality and discretion for families. We will brainstorm creative solutions for all unique needs our parents might present. We pride ourselves on listening and being able to cater to the needs of any and all families.

Consultation and Training

We are able to provide decisive solutions to issues where staff replacement is not necessary. We work closely with you in order to determine the most appropriate training strategy for your home and staff. We observe and evaluate staff performance in order to provide appropriate suggestions for improvement.